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Why isn’t SEO impatient? This article has a description.

Do SEO , don’t be impatient, calm down, calm down a bit because the nature of doing SEO is  long term marketing  , it takes time. No immediate results or changes

A page that ranks low A page that hasn’t been ranked yet? Or a page that is not yet indexed When editing content, always request that the content be reindexed on Google Search Console first.

When I hit request to create a new index, it’s done. Calm down and wait for Google to crawl and collect data first.

Then look at the last crawl updated to the latest. Does it match the date we edited so far? For example , suppose we edit the data on February 4, 66. After editing, we click to request a new index.

But exactly, the last crawl, if it’s February 1, 2023, means Google hasn’t come yet to collect the data.

Let’s wait no need to continue modifying the content. Wait until the last crawl. It will be the 4th of February or after the 4th of February. If the date is after the 4th of February, then Google has come to collect new information.

After that, do it calmly and wait. You don’t have to change the content often. Wait two weeks. If the order does not come up or the index does not arrive, you can go back and edit the information again.

But some people are impatient. After the content is edited, it becomes impatient, for example, after only 3 days, the ranking does not go up. We went to edit the content again, like this, we went to edit the content again very quickly

Because sometimes we did a pretty good job on the first round of patches. It’s not time for Google to just check that out. Satisfied, it gets fixed a lot. Finally, Google collects false information on our website. It does not collect good information, but instead collects bad information.

In addition to not ranking we will not know either. At what point was it effective Where is the fix that doesn’t work? When we think we have completely modified the page, while waiting for Google to collect the data, fill the page out of the page, for example:

search engines
search engines

But if everything is done perfectly and after 2 weeks of Google collecting the data and the ranking hasn’t moved if you want to continue editing the content you can do that.

Therefore,  doing SEO  requires patience. I can’t be patient. Hey, if you’re impatient, you have to start marketing. Find customers from other channels will be more convenient

The SEO process takes 4-6 months or more.

Look at the image below . For us to understand the nature of SEO, it must be gradual and cannot be rushed, so if you want to be successful in SEO, you must be patient. Know how to wait for the beat

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