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seo wordpress

seo wordpress


Proper WordPress SEO to facilitate ranking in Google

WordPress is  an easy SEO tool  because  it has various functions. Come cam  you just need to know how to adjust it.

Detailed tutorial on Detailed Explanation in WordPress.

19 How to SEO WordPress

  1. Choose a good host
  2. Choose a topic
  3. Use additives sparingly.
  4. Set the site address
  5. Set search engine visibility
  6. Copy the links
  7. Do HTTPS
  8. Install the SEO plugin
  9. Set on page
  10. Do link building
  11. Crop images from Google Search Console
  12. Submit a sitemap
  13. No page index is not important.
  14. Canonical Duplicate Content Duties
  15. Do a 301 redirect in modify url.
  16. Temporary format and speed improvement in p Rocket format
  17. Do image SEO
  18. table of contents
  19. Regular content updates

1. Choose a good host

The site loads and loads quickly depending on the hosting. If you choose  to tune performance at all.

Here are the hosting requirements that WordPress needs:

  • PHP version 7.4 or later.
  • MySQL version 6 or later or MariaDB version 10.1 or later.
  • HTTPS support
  • Nginx or Apache with mod_rewrite module

Reference from:

Canada fulfills the original version of the original version.

Technical terms  drawn in  some difficult matters, apostolic repetition  I recommend to my hostess to test. That’s the list  you’re promoted from, which is defined in WordPress

The hosts I recommend are as follows:

  • hostatum
  • SiteGround  (my Padveewebschool website uses this)
  • Cloudways
  • digital ocean

Read more:  Archive to create the best WordPress hosting

2. Choose a good WordPress theme

The next point that has arisen on the ground, as well as the choice of hosting, is the topic you choose. Because there are a lot of WordPress themes in the world, good ones.

Good theme items

  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • There are a lot of people using it.
  • Fast loading (light appearance)

Easy to use   and nice

Its my experience with trial and error with theme. The version I got is the better working feature.

  • Flat theme   (with built-in page builder)
  • astra theme + elementor (page builder)
  • Genatepress theme + Generate Blocks (page builder)
  • seedtheme  + create templates  (page builder)

The look of my website Flatsome theme and Siteground hosting.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress
seo wordpress
seo wordpress

3. Use additives sparingly.

The site loads or loads quickly. It also depends on how many 2.3 you choose. These are the principles for choosing the right material:

  • Do not use. To see that people using
    the example wordpress, need to install the Jetpack plugin as well. If you still stop what this plugin is doing. I recommend midterm education.
  • Use additives sparingly.
    Practice using the theme options for your chosen theme to the fullest. Many people tend to be impatient and do not study for jobs. From the theme, for example, some elements have the option to generate slider images themselves from the theme. Those people who  have moved on have moved on to their ex.
  • Other web pages running on the web. It should be chosen as little as possible. Makes us download his name. For example, breakfast, breakfast, dinner, breakfast, ocean, breakfast

4. Set the URL

URL is a short word that represents the address of the site.


If you are not interested in SEO, then this point is unnecessary. And draw attention to this point.

Write the good website address in short words. What you write brand name or domain name. Don’t write a website address in a long sentence. Because if we write the website address long, it makes your website address long. Not for senior officials

How to modify the site address in WordPress

Go to the back of the website, and look at the Settings menu > select General.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

In the title of the site, write the name of the brand, the name of the site, or a short phrase, do not write a long sentence.

5. Set search engine visibility

If you have software to collect information on search engines, you can get collections from Internet groups

Return to the Internet to obtain research results  from the data collection.

When the site ends,  forget to remove the point. As a result, the website does not appear on the Google search results page.

Make sure to  check to make sure that you can verify that it has been running so far.

Go to setting > read limit > below search visibility location and please look


6. Set Links

A permalink is a set to display a URL whether it’s a number, date, or text.

Set up a setting for the link Set the display URL as text corresponding to the keyword on the page.

The following is preferred.

Go to Settings > Link and then check the post box as shown in the image.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress


Making our website https:// may help google know which website is of good quality. Pay attention to the safety of customer information. Our web ranking will be better. It is not compared to similar sites  , but it works by encrypting the site. In terms of hardware, though, Google will place more importance on making the web safer, too.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

There are two ways we can do this:

  • Self-installation on self-hosting
  • Make hosting notification

My suggestion at this point is you have to do it yourself. Go and guest host.

Check  out this article,  in our HTTPS guide.

8. Install the SEO plugin

Improve search optimization (SEO) technology

As for the plugin I would recommend is  the Yoast SEO plugin  .


What does Yoast SEO do?

  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Create a Google Knowledge Graph (  Chart  )
  • XML sitemap map
  • Create canonical URLs on each page
  • Origin of duplicate content using Canonical
  • Fix thin content with Noindex
  • Redirect function (premium version)

Read more:  A detailed guide to Yoast SEO.

9. Set to page

In page modification (Page Modification), you can easily set the structure, content, and content of your website.

Good principles in editing page 1.


The principle of adjustment is as follows.

  • SEO: You should write to stand out on one keyword where there are other page keywords that overlap it.
  • Meta Description: The primary must appear at least once.
seo wordpress
seo wordpress

The programming for addresses H1-H6 is as follows.

  • H1 can only exist once. It is placed at the top of the page.
  • Write an H1 to highlight only one highlight, and don’t let the page’s other keywords overlap.
  • The syntax for writing an H1 is “keyword + caption”.
  • There should be a combination of headings H1-H6, but H1-H3 is required.
  • H2 must be at least 4 times
  • The focus keyword must be in the H2 at least once.
  • H3 must be at least twice
  • Related words  mixed in some of the titles as well
  • Translation- related questions  Frequently asked questions, articles and articles. You should reduce this information
  • Of course, you use H4, think about the aesthetics of the page. If you’re looking at the website, and it’s very old, and it’s font size or pt.
  • Headings don’t need to be ordered, eg H1 goes to H2, has h3 and can’t go back to H2. This is not additional.
  • We put the title to clearly divide the topic. Basically make the content look like reading. H3 to H2 can be no problem.
  • Google not only looks at the header structure which is the HTML code alone, but Google looks at the header size which is visible to the eye. that appear on the web page as well
  • , It should be the largest font size, H2 should be the second size, H3 should be smaller than H2, H4 should be visually and feel smaller than H3.
  • Don’t use headings to write long paragraphs. Headings were created to write a topic. It cannot be more than one line, if more than one line, a paragraph.
  • The first paragraph of each page is the most important, do not copy, do not rewrite, write with new words. be different from other sites
  • Each page should be mainly 1000 words (MS Word).
seo wordpress
seo wordpress


10. Do link building

world wide web. Coordinated from the site’s own website, and co-ordinated from the General Motors website. Link building is an important rule for search engines in 2021.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

Principles of link building

  • List 10 target keywords.
  • Divide the keywords into 5 primary keywords and 5 secondary keywords.
  • Home The front page of the site  and the home  of your five keyword search in the easiest way possible.
  • Homepage
  • Article text  Post links as follows
    > At least 2-3 links to the primary title
    > At least 2 secondary primary links >
    1 link to the title
  • It is spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. contain links.
  • Keywords the page itself, do not put links to other pages
  • Highlight the text and the color of the link, don’t use the same color.
  • Makes the user remember what our website link is. It will increase the chances of being stressed  as we put pressure on it.

11. Connect the Google search module

Google Search Console is a free service from Google that uses web traffic statistics. This comes from natural Google searches (organic search) only, and does not include social traffic from ads or from social media.

The statistics we get from Google Search Console will help us understand how Google views our website. And take the information obtained to improve the site  to easily improve the appearance of our site on the first page.



12. Submit a sitemap

A sitemap is a file for organizing web pages. So you can access our website easily.


For a WordPress website, we will create a SEO plugin sitemap. You can use the Yoast plugin to do this. How to do this in this article. Create a WordPress sitemap  .

13. Don’t do any important pages.

There is no index  blocking the web page, and it does not allow Google memories to collect data.

Make  the home page contain your home  page  .

Bad pages are those whose data structure is incorrect

  • There is no clear point
  • There are no clear keywords.
  • Pages without a meta title and description
  • Pages without important information  or pages with very short content
  • Pages that use the same focus keyword as the home page
  • etc.

Is this a good job?

A good page is one that has the content structure that Google wants. Basically, you can use this case. Structure checklist per page

Bad face reduction  or bad homework, what do you do?

We can reduce the bad face in two ways.

  • Edit the statement collector
  • Terms and conditions page page  , home page page page

Not doing indexing collect information on our web pages, which is something we don’t have to index on pages that we don’t focus on on the first page of Google. This comes with the Yoast plugin. Look at the lack of indexing in the illustration.


14. Canonical Duplicate Content

Standard conversion is a technique to reduce the number of duplicate content on our website.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

This is a commercial market on the ground  ?

Good luck optimizing websites should have a balance in content. More good pages than bad pages. Should have good pages out now  .

We should try to get Google to index only high quality.

15. Do a 301 redirect each time the URL is modified.

A 301 redirect is a redirect that redirects one URL to another. It is an indication to Google that the new URL previously existed. Keep our site on Google as it is. You don’t have to start everything from scratch.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

Top SEO reason is that every time you modify a URL on the web you have to redirect 301 URLs.

To do a 301 redirect in WordPress, we need an  additional  redirect  .

16. Quick format

Cache is a piece of data frequently stored in a computer. For next use without having to retrieve data from the source again. Cache  Read the data from the parent week time and money. Including increased running.

The easiest and best way to cache on WordPress is to use the WP-Rocket plugin to do it.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

Using the Wp-Rocket plugin, keep looking at this article. How to make your website load faster 100/100


17. Do Image SEO

Doing image SEO is to make the search engines understand the images we put on our site. For a chance to get on our website. to appear in image search

The principle for doing this is as follows.

  • Image file size must exceed 200k.
  • Presentation must be over 1200 images.
  • Label the pictures on your computer in English.
  • Compress images with another layer of plugins
  • Put the alt text keyword behind the image as well. The techniques for adding alt text are as follows
    :> Suppose you have 20 images, put alt text in 10 images, leave the 10 images blank.
  • Place the words as follows
    > Place the keywords for Figure 1, 2, and 3
    > Place the related words to Figure 4, 5, and 6
    > Figure 7-10 Place the natural words
    > Figure 11 onwards, you do not need to enter alt text



18. Make a table of contents

The table of contents in the sense of use on the site is a shorthand for the reader. Instant access to the information he wants to know. Create a table of contents In WordPress, we can create a table of contents. Email is like an assignment book. Or it can be converted into a button


Benefits of a Table of Contents with SEO

 Get  our content better  . Table of Contents is one of the factors for doing SEO as well.

seo wordpress
seo wordpress

In addition, read read read read read read read  the next article on the next table, read read read read read read also read next on the next table of the book ”. On the article page, there will be links to the sections displayed on search results (Google SERP) as well.

Read more:  What are Google Earn Sitelinks that appear on Google.

For entrepreneurs who know how to do this from this guide. Retail Directory WordPress Table of Contents

19. Update content regularly

Google wants to update their content. Leave the web deserted  no traffic. My regrets are good for search engines.

Content content in content lifecycle content (content lifecycle), that is, all content content. expiry  date.

Preserve the post on the post on the  post on the post on  the post on the post on the post, and post stories once on the post, including post at least once,  a few post. the date. Change the picture to be more beautiful. or add  more.

Conclusion Education SEO WordPress

When using SEO WordPress, this is all about keeping the details on your website as complete as possible. Of course there are a lot of details. And it’s not easy for us to customize at every point, but to do search optimization as time goes by. It is getting more and more, what needs to be modified? You should hurry up and do it from today. Good luck everyone.

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