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search engine optimization

search engine optimization


Duplicate content Duplicate content  New content, the way Google wants you to see it.

Google is always looking for new information or content if we want to do a   good SEO . We have to enter new data, exactly what Google wants.

Marketing on  Google  , whether in terms of search engine optimization or advertising (  ads  ), is marketing through information. Will our site appear on the search results page? It depends on the information we put on the web.

The site that wins the SEO rankings is the one that produces more up-to-date information, the way Google needs it, than its competitors.

So, if you are just getting started with SEO, you must first distinguish between duplicate content and unique content. This new content, we’ll have a way to see it. How do you scan? This article will discuss these matters in detail. with an example

Understand Google’s data collection process.

Google has a 3-step process for collecting content on websites around the world:

  1. Crawl: Crawl
    A crawl is when Google sends a robot (bot) to run to scan all web pages that appear on the Internet by linking from a single website link. Go to another site or find information from the links on this site. You will see all websites that are not blocked by Google. Simply finding Google information on each site will have a different speed of discovery.
  2. Indexing: Indexing
    When Google gets data from different websites, it analyzes it. Then group the data into different categories related to and store them in the index.. Indexing may be more like pushing the category of books in large libraries.
  3. Rank: Rank
    When someone searches for a word (  keyword  ) on a page, Google will retrieve it in the index. Related to the displayed search term Displayed page 1 means that the page contains the most relevant or relevant information for the search term.

New sites are increasing every day. More unwanted or duplicate information.

search engine optimization
search engine optimization

Unlimited Google crawling. The Google bot does not stop, but the selection of imported data to store in the index (indexing) is limited, and it will not import data. He cached it before to store it again because it will waste a lot of database (database) space

As we go to the library or bookstore we want to find new books. A new story It’s just not the same old books we’ve read before.

So if you want to create content on the web and want Google to show your page on the search results page (  SERP  ), you only need to enter new content.

Distinguish between duplicate, unique and new content, let it out.

But the problem is new content, how to look, how to check, because if you don’t know how to check sometimes what you write even if you write yourself. He didn’t copy anyone that might not be as fresh as Google would like.

But create new content It is the destination All the information we put on the Internet  must pass the first verification point, that is, it must pass the uniqueness standard of Google bot crawling. It will take some time for Google to decide whether the information is current or not.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content here means copying content from other people’s websites and pasting it on our site for a period of time. This is called redundancy. It is something that should not be done

But sometimes we don’t make the content ourselves. Maybe it’s a team that does. Or outsource writers of articles for you. Sometimes these people may secretly steal chickens. Enter information copied from other websites.

If you are a freelancer or SEO then you need to check this point as

How to check for duplicate content

The method of checking for duplicate content is not difficult. Copy the content of each paragraph on the web. And use this sentence to continue searching on Google if the content is duplicate We will find this set of information appears on other people’s websites in a unique way, we call it duplicate content, for example:

I went to my website and copied one sentence from the image.

Then I took this sentence to continue searching on Google and found the results in the image below. This means that this sentence on my website is duplicate content because the website that appears is not my main website.

Keep checking this over and over for each paragraph. Let’s go in and fix it again. Not like other sites.

Unique content

Before your web content can be as fresh as Google intended, it must go through one of the first processes: uniqueness.

How to check for duplicate content

Checking Unique Content Do the same way as checking content for duplicates but if the result is I don’t see any red bars characters, complete sentences appearing on any site, that’s what we call unique content. Not copied by others

new content

As for whether content is new to Google, it is when we copy content on our web. And then we put it on Google, you will find our own website with the content in the form of a red ribbon like this, indicating that this sentence We consider it new content (new content) in Google’s eyes.

Understand more about the new content

  • Acquisition of new messages You will not have to immediately wait for Google to crawl and index it first, so at this point we know what we are writing recently or new. It takes at least 1-3 months to wait, so I recommend that you calmly complete the content and wait 2 months before returning to check this point.
  • A website that has just started for less than 3 months may have to wait for freshness check longer than normal websites. So be patient. Wait for the fourth month, then come back and make sure of its freshness. Because sometimes what you write may be recent. But your website is still very new. Google’s crawler may not find your website for the first 2-3 months.
  • Before it can become new content it must pass the first unique content checkpoint
  • Try to keep half of the page content up to date. From all the content on that page there is no way we can make it fresh. Each paragraph Some paragraphs may not be marked as new content, that’s okay, just don’t copy the content of others.


SEO is text marketing as a tool. But do not include any information. Google is always looking for sites with up-to-date information, so whatever you write, you need to try to write it in your own style. Completing information on the web Be patient and wait for Google to collect the information first. But if you wait a while, you haven’t passed the modernity criteria yet. Gradually go back to edit this content again

For people who want to do SEO seriously after completing the online course. You may have to come to study more privately. So that I can help analyze what you did, what points were good and what points were not so good. I have to use my eyes to see. And make additional plans to suit each person’s work  You can see the cost details and study first.

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