Top 5 WordPress Translation Plugins 

Top 5 WordPress Translation Plugins 

In today’s modern age, most of our work is done through online means, and in any business we have to open a linked website and then our work is done in a jiffy. But we also often encounter this kind of problem when one of our corporate websites uses another language that is difficult for us to understand. A WordPress translation plugin is used to solve the problem.

If you are a blogger or have a website, you also have to face these issues frequently. The biggest problem is choosing the best WordPress translation plugin to make your website multilingual. But today, we have provided a solution to your problem. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some of the best WordPress translation plugins. With this WordPress translation plugin, you can easily translate your website.

Now tell us about the WordPress translation plugin

Before knowing about the WordPress translation plugin , we also need to understand that manual translation is required or machine translation is required. Currently, we have two options for translating websites which are manual translation and machine translation.

Manual translation:  According to this, you have to write your own translation for each article on your website or assign someone to this job. These translations take longer and are a bit expensive, but in this case, their translations are accurate.

Machine translation:  With this technology, your website is automatically translated by a computer, just like Google Translate works. Although there is room for error, this technique works very quickly and the translation is not 100% accurate.

Apart from that, there is another method called Hybrid Method whereby your website is translated automatically and then you can fix all errors manually.

1. The Path of Destiny

Weglot is a very important plugin in the WordPress site translation plugin. Translating websites through this technique can be a bit expensive, but it is very convenient and saves you a lot of time. Tell us how Weglot works.

  • You can connect your WordPress site to Weglot, which is a cloud-based service.
  • With Weglot, the entire website is translated using machine translation.
  • Weglot translates your entire website, as well as your SEO title and description.

It is very easy to install Weglot on your WordPress site and with it, you can translate your entire website in just a few minutes. Weglot’s cloud interface is very simple, thanks to which you can easily manage your translation rates.


First of all, you need to select the language in which you want to translate your website. WPML is a very popular WordPress translation plugin. Currently, the website translation plugin is only available in the premium version, but it is still very popular due to its many cool features.

All translated content generated by WPML is SEO friendly. WPML makes your website unique once translated so that Google can index your entire website. WPML plans start at $29.

3. Bolalang

Polylang currently translates more than 40,000 websites, and this website translation plugin is very popular and free. In the free version of Polylang, you can translate the website manually if you want. Polylang’s translated content is completely SEO friendly and can also be easily indexed in Google.

The only minor drawback of this WordPress plugin is that if you want to translate your website URL, you will need to use the Pro version of Polylang for that. Speaking of translation methods, Polylang Plugin only supports manual translation.

4. J Translate

If we talk about free website translation plugins, GTranslate is much better than other plugins. With GTranslate, you can put a drop down widget with the flag of that country so that it will be translated according to each country’s language. The user can then select this tag and read the website in the appropriate language.

The basic version of GTranslate is free and does not take much time to translate the site. You can add multiple languages ​​in GTranslate because it is automatic. If you want to get the professional version of GTranslate, you will need to get the Extra Features plan, which starts at $65 per year.

5. Loko translation

If we talk about a WordPress site translation plugin that works on most websites, then Loco Translate is on top. Loco Translate currently translates more than 700,000 websites into multiple languages. This translation plugin is a little different from other plugins, as Loco Translate focuses more on translation than on translating the entire website.

There is no language converter in Loco Translate, it focuses more on regional languages, so you can translate your website texts into your native language very easily. If you want your website to be more focused on the local language rather than multilingualism, Loco Translate is a great option.

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