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Doing SEO 2023 Prepare your website to be ranked first on Google.

SEO knowledge   is abundant. How much to learn  will never end because doing SEO has no formula for success. It is science and art at the same time. Every business uses different search engine optimization strategies. For this series of articles  , therefore , it is the starting point for those looking for the right SEO guidance.

All the SEO methods you need to know first

  1. What is seo?
  2. What is the core of Google SEO?
  3. Why seo?
  4. Is search engine optimization hard or easy?
  5. SEO outsourcing or not?
  6. If you want to hire an SEO, how do you hire them?
  7.  SEO Process [Roadmap]
    •  Site Optimization
    •  Mobile Friendly
    •  User Experience
    •  Keyword Research
    •  Useful Content
    •  Social Media
  8. Facebook SEO
  9. SEO Summary 2022 What Will Be The Trend?

1. What is SEO?

Doing search engine optimization  pushes your website to be on the first page when searched on google with your desired keywords. Without the use of advertising  and must do with the various processes as desired by Google and in which this word means the English word that means search engine optimization 


2. What is the core of Google SEO?

We use Google to find answers, but we use Facebook for fun. And brag about something to others  Do you really know?

Google is a search engine, its core is to display information. (information) to match what people are searching for  This means  if we want our site to rank on the first page  we have to create content that Google likes, i.e. information (information) that answers curious people. And that information The  information should be well-organized  to read and should be easy to understand (accessible), and finally, our information should be useful (useful), that is, help solve problems or provide answers to people who need it.

3. Why SEO?

  • A website ranked #1 on Google will have 10 times more traffic than a website ranked #10.
  • This is why doing SEO for our website is number one. It is very important  because if your website is  not ranked on the first page  the number of people visiting your website is almost 0.
  • I’d like to collect examples of search volume on several keywords to compare so we can see what the first and tenth websites will be different.
  • The software used to display these statistics is  kwfinder  (the content of using this tool  will be discussed in the next section.


customer journey

Flag         > Known (SEO helps a lot in the first stage)

Call      > Like

Ask            > Find information, compare

Do             > Inbox to purchase products

Advocate > Support, Tell, Repeat


More traffic = more sales

  • Get our site to rank on the first page for many keywords
  • With creating keywords that are already attached to  rank higher

4. Is SEO hard or easy in 2023?

The difficulty or ease of doing SEO for every business will not be the same. Depending on who the web is ranking for  and how well they did it  your duty is to make your website better than them making a better SEO than the one before us. There are principles as follows.

  • To do SEO effectively , it must come from a good website first.
    Read more:  WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.
  • Suppose if your competitor is Lazada, how successful is it in website creation? If you want to win, doing SEO is just to make your website better than Lazada, so don’t ask how hard it is to make your website better than your competition.
  • If your competitors on the web are already beautiful  your website should be even more beautiful. If he really wrote a good essay, then you should write better than him. If his site has 100 articles, then you should have 200. Your website should open faster.
  • this is 2023
    this is 2023

What determines which website will rank better?

SEO is the same. When everyone knows the principles of SEO then it is no different because doing SEO is a universal principle. But what makes some websites lose or win is getting our visitors to share, for example, how many minutes does it take to read? Did you read to the end of the article? After reading, how many pages do you hit?

This point is the hardest thing about doing SEO because getting people into our website is both a science and an art. And you also need to create value for our website visitors as well

* User behavior factor,
there are many factors. The above is just a preliminary example.

If you’ve ever watched a singing competition  when you get to the finals  all the contestants sing because they’re all good. But the thing that decides who will be the champion is the voting from the house itself.


People who get a lot of votes  are probably not the ones who sing the best. But who sings  and makes people listen  ? There is emotion in the song, whether it be joyful or sad or pity or heartbreak. So this singer got a lot of votes, too.

5. SEO in the modern era  can you hire or not?

Hiring does not mean to do SEO directly if you have money then give me money. But I didn’t go into customization. Or design something new on your website, for example, I can increase the amount of backlinks or use software to create a bot to open and close your website.

If you hire someone to do your SEO, they just do it. You are being deceived. What they do for you will not make your site look better in the eyes of Google.

You have to understand the Google and Facebook money making model first. By modifying the algorithm  from which website will be on the first page  must be the hardest  and that means only high quality websites can appear on the first page.

Because if SEO can be easily contracted, people won’t go buy ads with Google, they have to lose income, so Google has no way

6. If you want to hire to do SEO, how is the recruitment going?

Because of doing SEO, we can’t hire anyone to do it directly. Even if you could hire him, he’s not guaranteed to be on the front page anyway. Recommendations if you want to spend money on SEO outsourcing. In order for SEO outsourcing to be effective, we have to outsource as a whole, with 3 main parts.

  1. Hire a web designer
  2. Hire a graphic artist
  3. Hire a content creator  (write articles worth reading)

You need to build a good team in the above 3 areas and then make an appointment with me to train your team or let them learn about SEO themselves. So that every part of the work is SEO friendly

Graphic designers must know  the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) in order to properly design and place images. We will just make the site beautiful is not enough.

Web designers  – should know the design principles of web architecture. What is needed  What is not necessary  What to do and what not to do  to make the website as user-friendly as possible for the Google search engine

Article Writers  – First you need to know what kind of articles Google likes. How should the essay structure be arranged? Writing a good and readable article is not enough. It should be well written in the eyes of Google itself

Building a website is like building a house. You have to design first  but not using design to be as beautiful as you want  it to be beautiful in a dimension that Google likes too

7. The search engine optimization process 

Effective SEO has many things to do. But there are 7 main things to do. Learn slowly and follow it step by step.

1) On-site optimization

  • On page structure (customize the structure of content on the web)
  • Fast page load (web opening speed)
  • Use SEO friendly URLs (writing URLs to make it easier for Google to understand)
  • Use responsive design (design websites that can be viewed on all devices)
  • Internal links and outbound links (linking to make the content on each page linked)
  • Google Search Friendly Image Optimization
  • Social media mentions (make it easy to share on different social media)
  • Long content (create in-depth content  )

in page structure

View full text:  The BIGGEST SEO Content Writing Guide That Will Make Your Traffic Soar

2) Loader friendly

The term “mobile friendly” does not mean a website that can be viewed on a mobile device. It means a website where users can easily and conveniently access information on their mobile phones. The fact that website users have to zoom in, zoom out, swipe left and swipe right to read information on these pages does not provide a good user experience for website viewers because it is not mobile friendly.

Source:  what’s mobile friendly

Special article

50 SEO Techniques You May Not Know Before  First-know-first-work has an edge.

3) User experience

  • User experience is the user’s satisfaction with our website. The big problem with creating UX is how to get people to your website. Build confidence  in the product  and help him easily reach what he wants
  • Because if we create a website  that looks reliable  the chance of closing the sale will increase however.
  • So the design of the site  is so we have to pay attention and not play

4) Research keywords

Keyword research is about finding the words people want to know the answer to. Or words that reflect different problems or needs of that person and then search for answers on Google.

Finding accurate keywords can help bring more targeted customers to visit our website.

Writing articles at will  I don’t care whether anyone wants to know or not. We are wasting time. It has no effect on the ranking at all

5) Useful content

  • There are no shortcuts to doing SEO in 2023, so adding lots of useful articles is a quick way to go.
  • If you notice the big web  almost every website has a blog section with lots of articles.
  • Google Bot loves sites  that always have a lot of articles
  • Articles also increase credibility with users and in the eyes of Google.
  • Of course when you have many articles. Your website will be found by a variety of keywords and the number of people visiting the site will also increase.

* But writing a good article  just to be read is not enough. You also need to know how to write SEO friendly articles.

Why do we write articles (blog)?

Infographic Source  : Why Content for SEO?

An  infographic showing the importance of writing a blog is as follows.

  • 52% of consumers say articles influence their purchasing decisions.
  • 60% of owners  say that articles from different brands help them better develop their own products.
  • 61% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that consistently create useful content for customers.
  • 57% of marketers  get new customers  from their article
  • 42% of consumers often visit multiple websites. Articles to provide information for a purchase decision.
  • 19% of female beauty shoppers  said they were interested in the products they found. Through the articles he read from the research

6) Social media

  • Article finished writing  Who will read our articles?
  • Social media is a channel for distributing content on our website. To form more knowledge
  • In addition, social media is also a signal for Google
    to index information on our site faster.
  • Therefore, sharing articles on different social media
    will help to increase traffic to our website.
  • For sharing things on social media to be effective, you need to understand what social media is and what kind of content they like. And what he does not like

7) Backlinks

Backlinks are  links from other websites. Referring to our website  tells Google that the content of our website is acceptable. And they have been done as a reference to increase the credibility of our web page  as a result we get more SEO results from Google as well.

Types of backlinks

  1. Natural-Editorial:  Backlinks that don’t cost money to buy. Which results in good and useful content on our site  and then there are other sites to refer to the content. Write to them and link to them.
  2. Manual link creation  : It is a link that we create ourselves, then take it out, then take it out and paste it in different places.
    My advice for manual link building is that if you want to create backlinks by ‘buying’ it should be in the form of buying an editorial article and linking back to our site. With a quality website, not a spam website, or if you want to create your own backlink, this is the easiest way. It might start
    with proprietary assets first, such as creating Youtube video content with a link back to the website,
    creating various social channels, including creating your own weblog, and so on.
  3. Non-editorial  : These are the links that come back from comments on various websites.
    that allow people to write comments

Are backlinks still necessary? at this age

  • Google underestimates the importance of backlinks because the number of backlinks is not always a measure of the quality of web content.
  • Backlinks are still essential. But it must be a link that we get from the website that has quality and content related to
    our content and it must be natural.
  • If you create high quality articles  that page also has a chance of appearing on the first page because Google has hundreds of criteria for web ranking. He is always looking for the best

8. Facebook SEO

Doing Facebook SEO on this topic means getting your Facebook page to rank on the Google search results page.

Creating a poor page  is not easy to rank on Google. Google only provides 3 Facebook ranking regions for each first page ranking.

Principles of SEO for Facebook Fan Pages  There are steps as follows:

  • Page titles must contain keywords.
  • Write about a few lines with keywords.

Page Title = SEO Title
About = Meta Description

  • Eye-catching Facebook cover photos.
  • Create a pinned post as a gallery, making it look like a product catalog, and grab user attention.
  • Take this pinned post  Go to Facebook Ads
  • There are some articles on the web. Link to post this.

Let’s try to apply it. Our page may be chosen by Google to rank, but doing SEO gives the best results. The most sustainable has to be done on the website itself.

Learn online SEO for free with 4 lessons representing the most important SEO basics. 

SEO Summary 2023 What Will Be The Trend?

  • Being on the first page of Google will not have the word Fluke. Only high quality sites will be on the first page.
  • White hat sites and gray hat sites work on search engine optimization by the same principles. Nobody can deceive or deceive Google.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) contract companies will disappear. Even if they exist, it is difficult to make the customer’s website rank. Because every article should be written in detail, depth and creativity. Outsiders cannot replace them. Because he is not an expert in your business.
  • The web is not a newspaper. You don’t have to write articles every day. Many articles  does not help increase organic traffic, and improve the original article. which are already rated better to keep the rankings from relegating
  • If you are creating a new website  do not register domains with keywords, register domains as names that are easy to remember and quirky, try typing the word  accommodation + county name, you see almost no hotel website, local accommodation  you can stick to the first page.
  • Your competition is not the same business as yours. Your competition is not the hotel next door. Not the restaurant next door  not the same salesperson as you. But your competitors’ websites are websites for platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Agoda, and TripAdvisor, including media sites that review where to stay, where to eat, and where to visit.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to make yourself famous and remembered than to build your website on the first page. If we make it possible for people to directly search our website name on Google, that is the best SEO.
  • Write a long article just to get an edge, but that doesn’t mean you’ll win. Convincing people to engage with our content is very important. Share as follows:
    – Open multiple pages of our web page
    – Click here and there on our site
    – Read our article to the end
    – Spend a lot of time on our site
    – Move your mouse to see our site slowly
    – Bookmark our site to keep it
    – Share the site on Social
  • It will do all of that.  We must go back to the basic idea of ​​Google. Create a website for real people. The benefit of reading  Don’t try to build a website just because you like a Google bot.
  • Stop looking for acronyms in SEO because they don’t exist. Write articles or create content naturally. Don’t get too attached to the stories on and off the page.
  • The definition of SEO will change from optimizing the search engine to improving the searcher experience. Optimizing the experience to suit the searcher does not lead to SEO to satisfy the search engine, but it does SEO to satisfy the reader.

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