Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Link Whisper WordPress Plugin

Whether you’re a blogger or have your own WordPress site, you’ve probably heard of the Link Whisper WordPress plugin , but if you haven’t heard of this plugin, believe me, you don’t even know how to do it. How can you improve the internal link structure of your WordPress blog? In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the Link Whisper Review , and with that, we will also provide you with information on how to easily set it up on our WordPress site.

We all know that internal linking is a great technique for improving WordPress SEO, so today, in this article, we are going to tell you how you can make your WordPress internal link very effective with LinkWhisper. I mean. So, without wasting any time, let’s start our topic.

What is Whispering Links WordPress Plugin?

Linkwhisper is a very popular WordPress plugin that helps you improve your WordPress SEO. Using Linkwhisper’s internal linking search engine optimization technology, SEO easily moves links from one page to another. Apart from that, it also helps search engine bots to make your website crawl well on search engines.

With Linkwhisper, it becomes very easy to scale your entire WordPress site and also gives you the ability to create new links on the website. Linkwhisper also often solves problems caused by bad text links on our websites.

The Whispering Link WordPress plugin is developed by Spencer Haws, the same person who created Longtailpro. New features are being added very quickly to the Whispering Links plugin and according to Spencer Haws, she wants to make Whispering Links the best WordPress plugin.

Before we move on to our LinkWhisper review, it is very important to know about its features, so tell us about those.

Auto link suggestion

This is the best feature of the Linkwhisper WordPress plugin . Based on this feature, when you are writing or editing an article, this plugin automatically starts giving you suggestions for any links to your article. It would be better if you put it on your website. For this reason, you have complete control over which Anchor script should be used for the links.

internal links panel

The Linkwhisper WordPress plugin provides you with a dashboard where you can rate the internal and external links of any article on your website from one place. Linkwhisper is best for optimizing the internal and external links of the site and you can also add external links through it.

If you want to improve your internal link structure, you must first find a page that does not have incoming external links. Then click the + symbol and add internal links on all these pages.

Keyword Deconstruction Repair

We all know that building more internal links helps improve your SEO, but did you know that using the wrong anchor text can cost you many times over? Especially when your website gets penalized for keyword cannibalization, Linkwhisper tells you the Anchor Text in your post that caused this to happen, and then you can easily fix that Anchor Text misconception. You can make your SEO the best.

Connect instant configuration panel

Linkwhisper helps you to set many options very easily like

Include or exclude certain features

Open the link in a new window

Separate numbers, assigned words from suggested links, etc.

Other than that, there are some other great features of Linkwhisper plugin like

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Longest average time on site
  • Better search engine crawl optimization
  • Helping you identify orphaned pages on your WordPress site

price whisper hook

Linkwhisper plugin price is quite high compared to other plugins. $67 must be paid for each site license separately. Linkwhisper offers 3 plans. To license your 10 websites, you have to pay $147, which is a relatively small amount for any agency that provides SEO services to their clients. When getting a Linkwhisper license, you should consider how many websites you have to use.

Whisper settings link

Linkwhisper is very easy to set up on your WordPress site and can be installed in a few simple steps, just like any WordPress plugin. First, you have to purchase the license. Next, you need to install it on the front end of your WordPress site.

So, install the Linkwhisper WordPress plugin on your WordPress site. Then click on the Link Whisper menu on the left side of the interface, after which you will be asked to enter a license key. You will receive the license key in your email after purchasing the license.

Whisper Link Final Review Link

Linkwhisper is great for you, because this plugin is developing very fast and many new features are added to it in every major release. While Linkwhisper is a great WordPress plugin, it is missing one thing, which is “Auto-Linker”. Having this feature will increase the value of Linkwhisper even more, but until then, the Linkwhisper WordPress plugin is very useful.

We hope that you liked our article very much and that you also have very important information.

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