create a website

create a website


Website Builder Guide Selling Online With WordPress [2022 Edition]

If you want to do business in the internet world to be successful.  The only marketing tool you need is the website itself. But building a website selling products online is still not easy. Even in today’s age, there are many tools that help in writing the web.

In addition, if you have the goal of getting your website to rank on the first page of Google, simply building a website alone is not enough. Because only high-quality websites have a chance of appearing on the first page of Google. The basic principles are the most important.

Therefore, this series of articles  so I collected all the knowledge that is the right foundation. To help you create a high quality WordPress site on its own.

Once you read and follow this article till the end. You will be able to create a website. All of these examples are available!

create a website
create a website

Table of Contents: How to create a website

  1. What tools do I need?
    2. How to register a domain
    3. How to choose a host
    4. Set up save name and make https
    5. Install WordPress
    6. WordPress user guide
    7. Principles of choosing a theme
    8. How to design a website with premium themes
    9. How to create a shopping cart system
    10. Keeping the site secure
    11. Measure results with Google Analytics.
    12. Summary

1. What tools do you need to create a website?

For the tools that we will use to create the website online store From this series of articles Systematic body or main platform, we will use WordPress to create a website.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is a web application that allows us to easily create a website without which we don’t need to know programmer you don’t need to know the code to write a website. It may look similar to Window, which is an operating system. It allows us to use computers easily and this is convenient.

WordPress was originally a blogging tool, but over time it has evolved into a website building tool. Today, 32% of websites worldwide are powered by WordPress.

  • WordPress is an app. It is free to download and can be installed by yourself
  • There is an article management system. This is easy to use just take the content be it text, images, videos, slides or other media, put it in WordPress to get a beautiful website to use.
  • There are many themes and plugins to help you customize the look of your website. There are free and paid versions.
  • Websites built with WordPress can be viewed on all devices (mobile compatible), which is the trend of website design today. Especially on the mobile screen
  • WordPress can be used as an online store (e-commerce) website very well.
  • Saves time creating a website. Because we don’t have to waste time learning to code.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly, which gives our site a structure that supports Google searches.
  • If we could use WordPress, we wouldn’t have to pay tens of thousands to hire other people. Create a website

In addition to the tool called WordPress, we also need 3 other tools to work with WordPress to help you. Build an online shopping site that you can actually use. The mentioned tools are as follows.

  1. Woocommerce is  a plugin that turns your regular WordPress site into a full-fledged online store. We can also download this plugin for free. At present, from the statistics of the online store in the world, 47% of the websites created from Woocommerce.
  2. A theme is  a tool used to design and layout the appearance of our WordPress site to be beautiful the way we want it to be. If we use themes well we will be able to design our web pages with every idea, or design a web design that imitates the web look we like.
  3. A plugin is  a tool to increase the functionality of your WordPress site to be more efficient. Work answer or what we want


2. How to register a domain

Domain naming conventions (site name) are as follows

  • Domain names should be short and concise so that people can remember them easily.
  • The domain name must be in English.
  • Names should be pronounced and easy to hear.
  • Give it a name that reflects what you do (if you can).
  • Do not assign a domain name that is difficult to spell or difficult to type.
  • There should be no hyphens (-), like Because it may confuse people or misprint
  • Choose the .com extension as most people are familiar with it. But if you can’t take notes, that’s okay. (Because someone already wrote that name) He can look up other surnames, no problem but don’t use a name that sounds unusual.

Domain registration costs around 400-1000 baht, and the price of a domain is cheap or expensive depending on which domain extension we choose to use.

What is the best place to register a domain?

There are many domain registrars out there. But the domain registrar companies I recommend are as follows: (Domain registration service prices for each company may not be the same.)

But for this article, I will mainly recommend how to register a domain at Hostatom because my web domain is also registered with it. And in order for you to follow the steps I described. I suggest you to come and write the service at the same place where I stay.

3. How to choose and hire a host

Hosting is the area used to store images, data and files for displaying our website. It will be like a store website. That we should hire him, for sure.


Will web performance be good or bad? The host plays a very important role. Before we choose the hosting service that the service provider is good with what we need to know first is the hosting recommended by WordPress, what are the specifications? But most hosting descriptions are only in technical terms, in short, here are some tips for choosing hosting.

  • If you are a beginner, you must use a Thai host. If you get stuck, you can talk to the host to find out.
  • The management system behind the home (control panel) must be DirectAdmin.
  • The PHP web server version must use PHP 7.4.
  • In DirectAdmin, there should be an auto-installer to help install WordPress as well. The host must have Softaculous, if the host we are using has this. We will be able to install WordPress itself very easily. So we don’t have to create the database ourselves, no need for FTP files either.
  • The host should provide Let’s Encrypt – Free SSL/TLS certificates so we can make our site HTTPS free.
  • Hosting packages should not restrict domains and subdomains. (Because we have to do many sites)
  • As for the host region, you have nothing to fear. Choose to get a package. On average, a small to medium WordPress site If we do the site right, our site will be no more than 500MB in size.
  • Another problem is the bandwidth for sending internet data abroad. If the hosting network is not good abroad, there will be a problem that is often encountered, which is Facebook link sharing. Then the image does not appear. At this point, we sometimes don’t know which off-line host is good or bad. You can even hire a host to try it out.

But of course for the sake of simplicity you still can’t decide which host to use? I recommend you to use this host, Hostatom, which is the one I use. And you will be able to follow the steps to use it from this article

What do you get when you purchase this WP-1 package?

  • 10 GB storage space
  • There is no data transfer limit
  • The domains used are unlimited
  • Supports 100,000 website visitors per month
  • There is a help system for installing WordPress.
  • Free SSL to make your website HTTPS

Then click buy, the system will take you to the domain selection page where we have already purchased a domain. So click Use Existing Domain and Update Name Server. Type the domain name we typed in and click  Use this domain.


The system will take you to the page to fill in the information to make the payment. For those who have already registered a domain with Hostatom, we don’t need to fill in the new information, just click  Already registered  .

Then let’s complete the username which is the email and the password.

Once you click  on “Confirm Order”,  you will receive an invoice. to be used for payment. Choose the account that suits you best to transfer money as follows

After the money has been transferred we must inform him of the payment. Let’s go back to Hostatom’s webpage and look at the Payment Confirmation menu.

Fill in the information and submit proof of payment to complete. Then wait for the host to set up the hosting for us, it may take 2-4 hours.

Once your domain is ready, your hosting is ready, it’s time to build your website. Sell ​​our stuff online for real

free website builder

4. Set up stop name and make https

Before coming to the WordPress installation process, let’s check the various values ​​of the domain whether it is already done or not. Here are some domain settings we should check before starting WordPress:

5.1 Check the name server

The nameserver is like a house number. Each hostess has a house number. If you want to view the domain we registered in any host, we must first setup a nameserver (home number) because sometimes we may register a domain somewhere. But using another hosting, how to check the nameserver and set the nameserver is as follows

Where do you register your domain? Log into that service provider’s back-end system immediately. For those who use Hostatom, you can follow this.

Let’s log into the Hostatom backend system, then select the  My Service menu.

We will see a list of hosts that we have purchased. Then look at the green, and click on  the active product/service.

The system will bring it to the page. Dealing with the product let’s look below. You will see the name of the hostname server we are using. Copy and save the nameserver name to prepare to be placed in the domain.

Then select List My Domains.

Then go to our domain name. Click the dropdown menu and click  Manage  Name Servers.

Next, select Use  custom name servers,  paste the name server name of our host, and click Change name servers to finish.

Once we have successfully installed the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on our domain. Which is the next step I will all install WordPress using HTTPS.

5. How to install WordPress

Each WordPress hosting installation has different tools to help you. But the principle will be similar. It can adapt to other hosts. For those who use Hostatom, you can follow this article.

Update content Create a website yourself [04/2019]

Given the current control panel system used to manage hosting today, there are two commonly used types: Direct Admin and Plesk.

Direct responsible

For anyone renting hosting and the hosting management system looks like this, it means the control panel you receive is a direct admin, please continue reading how to use it as described in this article.

Plesk control panel

For those who rent hosting and the hosting management system looks like this, it means the control panel you receive is Plesk, click to read the button that appears below. With host atom if new client most have Plesk system to use.)

6. WordPress Directory

Now everyone already has a website. Next, we have to learn how to use WordPress, how to use it, whether it is difficult or easy, which is too much content. I’d like to separate it into one separate article from the main article in this series. Click to learn how to use WordPress on the button below.

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. How to log into the back of the house (dashboard)
  3. Install the Classic Editor plugin.
  4. Set the default setting before use.
  5. How to add webpage content (use page/post)
  6. How to set the home page
  7. Create list
  8. Get to know the sidebar
  9. Use widgets
  10. Learn about the appendix
  11. add plugin (plugin)
  12. changing the subject

7. Principles of topic selection

From the picture, it can be seen that WordPress is the main platform, but different functions or modify the appearance of the web page, we will customize through themes and plugins.

90% of WordPress sites that create shopping carts use the Woocommerce plugin. This means that if Woocommerce releases a new version. Different systems may change more or less. Good theme needs to be updated to work with Woocommerce too.

Tips for choosing a theme for web building online stores are as follows:

  • Premium themes should be used. (Paid themes)   Free themes are very limited. And no flexibility will issue a ready-made site that we can customize to your liking. Or according to the ideas we have, but if we choose to use a theme driven active mood it is as if we are buying Lego bricks. We buy one theme and get one bag of parts. Our job is to put these parts together to create a website that looks nothing like it. According to our ideas, it is like the way we build Lego blocks of any shape.
  • Always Updated   A good theme should always be updated to work on the latest version of WordPress.
  • Updated to   the latest version of Woo (v3+).
  • It has reasonable sales  Anyone can create a theme and sell it on ThemeForest, but not every theme sold on ThemeForest will sell well. Theme creators often stop developing themes. Or update the theme to support new versions of WordPress and Woocommerce. If we continue to use this theme, there is a great risk that our website will not work when it is updated.
  • There are tutorials on how   to set up a topic on YouTube.   Creating a WordPress site is not difficult, we don’t need to write code. But it is not easy. Because it contains a lot of details and each theme has a different setup. If we want to buy any theme try to search for the name of the theme on YouTube if the theme contains a tutorial. This will help us learn to make the web faster itself.
  • There is   a Facebook group to help with questions and answers.   In some themes it will create a Facebook group to support people using the same theme. Where we’re stuck, we can go and ask questions. But only some features are available.
  • Where to buy high quality themes from

8. How to design a website with premium themes

Flatsome is the best selling WooCommerce & Business theme

Flatsome  is a fully functional theme perfect for creating an online store website. Or use it to create your own company website or if you are a freelancer or agency, this theme is also perfect for creating websites for your clients as well. It helps your website open faster, too. You can use this theme to design any website. Without having to know coding you don’t have to be a programmer. You can easily create your own website.


Revolutionary drag and drop page builder

It has its own Page Builder and Live Preview, which makes it lighter and more stable than themes that require third-party page builders. You can create sliders, grids, and effects without any plugins.

Customize anything with Live Theme options.

Flatsome has many website customizers, which show Live Preview, which makes it easy to use and in Theme option we can customize without restrictions. This allows us to design beautiful and unique websites.

New features updated regularly and always.

Flatsome theme is constantly evolving and adding new functionality in the past 4 years with global theme developers. You can rest assured that this theme will be constantly updated. It always supports working on the latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce

9. How to Create a Shopping Cart System (Woocommerce)

Woocommerce is an online store builder plugin. It helps ordinary people you can start creating a website to sell things yourself. It is the most famous in the world. Although it is easy to use. But in simplicity, there are still enough details. If we are bad at first, the simple may become difficult in itself.

Here’s what you need to know about creating a Woocommerce shopping cart:

  1. Basic installation and setup
  2. Products list
  3. Delivery settings
  4. Create a payment notification form
  5. Product order management
  6. Product inventory management

10. Keeping the Site secure

Every week, Google discovers about 20,000 websites that contain malware (Trend of website hacks report). Keeping your WordPress site secure is essential.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your website secure.

  • Update WordPress, Theme, Plugin regularly
  • Do not set username and password to get easy money.
  • Install the necessary security plug-ins.
  • Choose a trusted host
  • Backup and backup
  • Hacked website or how to get infected with malware
  • How to fix when your website is hacked

11. Measure results using Google Analytics

What you need to do next after creating the website is ‘measure results’. The website you invested and invested and invested money in, can bring people (traffic) how far? There are two tools used to measure results: Google Analytics and Google Search Console. It has different measurement properties

12. Conclusion: How to Create a Website [2021 Update]

If you are reading this article to the end as you have seen before, creating an online selling website is not difficult. You don’t need to be a programmer to build a website yourself. But it seems that the problem is at the point where many people create a website because it contains too many details, which causes many people to give up before. Creating a website will be challenging at first. If you are patient, keep practicing. Soon you will have a website that can definitely be used.

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